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Preliminary Building Advice and Assistance

We work closely with your lending institution to ensure a smooth and timely transactional process.  With years of experience, we can recommend institutions that are trustworthy and efficient.

Nothing beats a trained eye when it comes to reviewing your prospective building site.  Upon a thorough examination, we will understand how to match your desired home plan with the property site.

With your ideas, sketches, or pictures we will fine-tune and produce custom professional architectural plans, in-house.

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Russ Austin Builders Project Management

Project Management

We consider it our job to know how and when to contact your municipalities for the required information to complete each permit process.

We’ll do all the necessary planning and formulate it into a step by step schedule, while communicating with you along the way.

When your decisions are final, we’ll make it happen.

Project Completion

When the project is close to completion, a final walk-through, with you, will be conducted to accomplish the final touches to get you moved into your new home.

All final inspections will be handled by us with a one-on-one inspector/contractor meeting.

Adjustments can be part of a new construction.  Therefore, we offer a review one year after your official occupancy date.

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